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  • Gamedev programmer in retirement
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  • Open source maker
  • Dragon-lover and 3D artist
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  • All articles I've written in past years (please, allow me some time to port and translate them all)
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All articles I've written in past years (please, allow me some time to port and translate them all!)

Meltdown. How to leak any data from any PC built after 1998

Popular-style (no advanced IT knowledge required!) view on the worst security issue that has ever happen to Intel Processors.

Why C++ std::enable_shared_from_this sucks in multithreaded environment

Description of very nasty design trap resulting in pointer data race when using std::enable_shared_from_this in concurrent environment

C++ meta-programming part 1: introduction to pre-processor

Probably all who ever get even a tiny bit of grasp of C++, know that almost every project is started by using #include pre-processor directives. But are you truly aware of what this does under the hood? In the first article, I will discuss pre-processor, how it works and what it really does.

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My projects


Students Assosiation "Artefakty"

Students Assosiation "Artefakty" on Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics, University of Lodz, Poland

Pixie Engine

Free and open source (MIT/X11 license) 2D engine for rapid prototyping games written in modern C++. Still work-in-progress, unsuitable for real development yet.


(This list contains only free projects that are available online)

Revolutionary Wave

Game made for Gobal Game Jam 2017

Lead the Revolutionary Wave to conquer the Bastille in epic fight to liberate small caribbean nation, San Escobar. Steer the crowd to kill guards of old faith and defeat ultimate overlord of corrupted government.

Fool's Carrot

Game made for Gobal Game Jam 2010

Fool's Carrot kick you in the epic role of donkey rider who is... well, a really badass and won't give the poor animal the carrot it wants so much!

Simulation (MiS)

C++ project done for university class of computer simulations. CUI tool with ascii-art containing monte-carlo simulations, game of life, drawing histograms with various random algorithms

Variable-length Unsigned INTeger (VUINT)

C++ unsigned numeric variable of any precision (no upper limit of bits). Slow when converting to decimal, but otherwise memory and calculation efficient. Single header. Test cases included (Google Test Framework)

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